Power Shelves

Power Shelves are racking systems designed to minimize installation and maintenance times with easy access and hot-swappable insertion, allowing for power module exchange under live operation.

Power Shelves


  • Up to five slots per shelf
  • Optional Pulsar Edge controller
  • Optional breaker/distribution panel
  • Fits in 19" 1U-high rack systems
  • Alarms, controls and indicators
  • Power factor correction
  • Hot-swappable, redundant, parallel operation
  • Efficiencies typically greater than 90% (rectifier)
  • EMI Class B at shelf level


  • ATE Equipment
  • Satellite hubs
  • RF amplifiers
  • Networking equipment
  • Telecom access nodes
  • Distributed power architectures
  • Central office switching
power modulesprofileslotsmax output power
ACE125 1U56kW
ACE184 3U46kW
ACE254  3U410kW
ACE3000 3U3--
ACE4000 3U312kW
CP3500 I2C 1U4--
CP3500 RS485 1U414kW
GP100 I2C 1U212kW
GP100 RS485 1U212kW
GP100 Single Slot Shelf 1U16kW
CPL 48V Platform 1U410.9kW - 14kW
CPL 65V Platform 1U414kW
SPS Platform  1U2-31.6 - 3kW
J85480S1 1U411kW

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