Infinity-Series AC/DC Rectifiers

The Infinity single-phase rectifiers are designed to efficiently transform energy from any AC source into the 48V DC power needed for wireless cell sites and similar applications. This means that one single rectifier platform can be used globally to meet all your -48V and +24V powering needs.

The ECO Priority variants of the Infinity rectifier series are capable of accepting a DC input directly from a string of solar panels, performing maximum power point tracking and supplying 48 or 24VDC power to the battery bus in compatible Infinity systems.

Infinity-Series AC/DC Rectifiers


  • Compact – 1RU form factor provides high power density.
  • Peak efficiency of 95.6% occurs at 50% load matching sweet spots with customer use patterns.
  • Operates over a broad temperature range (–40C through +75C).
  • Start and run at any AC voltage from 95 to 305VAC.
  • Hot-insertion capabilities allow for rectifier replacement without system shutdown; soft start and inrush current protection prevent nuisance tripping of upstream breakers.
  • Extended service life – parallel operation with automatic load sharing ensures that units are not unduly stressed.

modelinput range v voutioutefficiency
95-305VAC, 1PH42-58VDC22A @low input line 50A @high input line~96%
95-275VAC, 1PH 100-310VDC, Solar42-58VDC22A @low input line 50A @high input line~96%
95-305VAC, 1PH42-58VDC22A @low input line 75A @high input line~96%
95-305VAC, 1PH21-29VDC44A @low input line 100A @high input line~96%
95-275VAC, 1PH 100-310VDC, Solar21-29VDC44A @low input line 100A @high input line~96%

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