The GP100 series of rectifiers provide 6,000W, high-efficiency, high-density power conversion in a compact, single rack unit format. The front-to-back airflow design uses minimal space and is highly expandable for future growth. The three-phase 380/480Vrms and 200/240Vrms input products are designed to be deployed internationally and operate from Wye- or Delta-configured AC inputs, with or without a neutral. True three-phase operation means that load phase balancing is a thing of the past.

Load sharing and hot-swappable parallel operation allow for large systems to be built incorporating any level of redundancy for high-reliability applications. 

The rectifiers can be configured with an isolated RS485-compliant communications bus or with dual-redundant PMBus™-compliant I2C communications busses, allowing them to be used in a broad range of applications. Feature set flexibility makes the rectifiers well-suited for applications requiring compact, modular, high-efficiency AC to -52VDC intermediate voltages, such as distributed power architectures.



  • Universal AC input.
  • Operating temperature range of -10C to 75C.
  • NEBS GR-63-CORE Level 4.
  • IEC/UL/CSA/EN62368-1, CE Mark (LVD), TUV.
  • FCC-A & EN5032 Class A at rack level or with filter.
  • Several mating shelves and controller options available.

Example Applications for the GP-Series Rectifiers Include:

  • Servers and storage.
  • Energy systems.
  • Central office switching.
  • PCS installations.
  • Bulk power for distributed power architectures.
  • Automatic test equipment.
  • Industrial applications
power modulesinputinput rangevoutioutefficiencycommunicationsCheck Inventory
3PH AC (delta)380-480V52V100A96.5%RS485Check stock
3PH AC (delta)380-480V54V100A96.5%I²C/PMBusCheck stock
3PH AC (delta)380-480V48V100A96.5%RS485Check stock
3PH AC (delta)380-480V18-58V100A95.8%I²C/PMBusCheck stock
3PH AC (delta)200- 240V52V100A96.5%RS485
3PH AC (delta)380-480V125V50A96.5%I²C/PMBusCheck stock

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