The CP (Compact Power) series is a complete, 1U-high distributed power system of rectifier modules. The series utilizes the latest, cost-optimized technology to provide a regulated, single-output voltage of -54VDC. The rectifiers provide high efficiency and power density, and they are available in both universal AC and a wide range of DC input voltage configurations.



  • 1U profile with only 13.85" depth.
  • Power densities in excess of 40W/in3.
  • Constant current characteristic.
  • N+1 redundancy/hot-swap operation.
  • Up to 5VSB @ 2A standby voltage.
  • Dual I2C and RS485 interfaces.
  • Active load sharing, remote on/off and sense functions.


  • Wireless/cellular.
  • Energy systems.
  • Central office switching.
  • PCS installations.
  • Bulk power for power architectures.
  • Automatic test equipment.
power modulesinputinput rangevoutioutefficiencyCheck Inventory
CP2000AC48TEZ-FB2  AC Rear100-120V 200-240V4823A LL** 43A HL95%Check stock
CP2000AC54TEZ AC Rear100-120V 200-277V5425A LL 37A HL96%Check stock
CP2000AC54TEP AC Rear100-120V 200-240V5425A LL 37A HL96%Check stock
CP2500DC54PEZ-F DC Front40-72V5440A92%Check stock
CP2725AC48TEZ-FB2 AC Rear100-120V 220-240V5223A LL 52A HL95%Check stock
CP2725AC54TEZ AC Rear100-120V 200-277V5425A LL 37A HL96%Check stock
CP2725AC54TEP AC Rear100-120V 200-240V5425A LL 37A HL96%Check stock
CP2500DC54PEZ DC Rear40-72V5446A92%Check stock
CP3000AC54TEPZ-F AC Front100-120V 200-240V5450A95%Check stock
CP3000AC54TEZ AC Rear100-120V 200-277V5455A96%Check stock
CP3000AC54TECZ AC Rear100-120V 200-277V5455A96%Check stock
CP3000HV54TEZ-FSG(R) AC Front or HVDC Front100-120VAC 200-240VAC 240-380VDC4828A LL, 56A HL96%Check stock
CP3500AC52TEZ-FB2 AC Rear100-120V 200-240V5267A96%Check stock
CP3500AC54TEZ AC Rear100-120V 200-277V5465A96%Check stock
CP3500AC54TECZ AC Rear*100-120V 200-277V5465A96%Check stock
-- ManualDataImg:Img quickDataImg:Img AppNotesDataImg:Img AppGuideDataImg:ImgAC Rear--23-6525A LL, 65A HL95%Check stock