Ferro RPS

The DC power industry offered stand-alone 200, 400 and 800A ferro-resonant rectifiers throughout the 1980s and 1990s. These legacy ferro-resonant rectifiers have since been discontinued by most manufacturers. The Ferro/SCR Retrofit Power Solution allows many brands and third-party legacy ferro-resonant rectifiers or SCRs to be upgraded to modern energy-efficient switch-mode rectifiers and controller technology, while preserving existing cabling and distribution investments. Bolting patterns remain the same as well.


  • Preserves distribution and cabling investments.
  • Retrofits legacy ferro or SCR rectifiers.
  • Modern Galaxy SC and Millennium II controllers.
  • Active rectifier management (efficiency management).
  • Thermal compensation and battery management features.
  • Efficiency up to 97%.
  • Integrated ethernet, as well as serial port for local or modem connectivity.

product nameinput voltage rangeoutput voltageoutput current
Ferro RPS
176-275VAC, 3PH
320-530VAC, 3PH

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