596 Rectifiers Retrofit

The 596 family of rectifiers was offered from the early 1990s and can be found in the GPS4812, 2424, PXS Shelves, and OCS Cabinet applications. These power systems have a long history of service and through the evolution of technology have experienced a series of rectifier upgrades. To date, all changes have included the continued use of the original rectifier case. This new 596 replacement allows these legacy power systems to be upgraded with modern rectifiers, while leaving the distribution, shelves and frame in place.

To accommodate the Infinity rectifiers, a host-carrier is installed in each rectifier slot for a seamless transition to the Total Efficiency (TE) rectifier technology. The Infinity rectifiers are designed to work with all existing controllers where the 596 rectifier was used. This would include the Vector, Pulsar, Pulsar Plus, Millennium I and II, as well as the Galaxy SC Controllers.

Replacing all the rectifiers will gain the greatest system efficiency, however the existing 596 units can continue to work side-by-side with the new Infinity rectifiers. No change is needed to the output distribution, batteries, or low-voltage disconnect contactor of these plants with this upgrade.

The Infinity rectifiers provide a cost-effective means of modernization and growth to the installed base of 596 rectifiers. For most applications the upgrade process simply requires the removal of the 596, replacement with a carrier, and the insertion of the new Infinity rectifier..

Retrofit 596D Iso Right June 2011


  • Replace discontinued 596 product with plug-and-play module.
  • Retain distribution and cabling infrastructure.
  • NEBS- and CE US-certified Infinity rectifiers.
  • Efficiency up to 97%.

product nameinput voltage rangeoutput voltageoutput current power
596 Rectifier Retrofit 24V
596 Rectifier Retrofit 48V

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