Universal Voltage DC Fuse & Alarm Panels

In collaboration with Westell/Noran Tel, we now offer a line of fuse and alarm distribution panels to meet today's increasing network DC power demand. With numerous variations, the FP-series support most DC power distribution applications.

The panels meet or exceed all applicable industry standards and include adjustable mounting tabs to allow for offset and rack (19" & 23") variations, allowing for single-panel solutions that can fit multiple needs.

To add versatility, most panels can be used in both -48VDC and +24VDC working environments.

Universal Voltage DC Fuse - Alarm Panels


  • Available with alarmed circuit breakers or fuses.
  • Fuse panels can be equipped with GMT, KLM, Type-70, TPA, or a combination of fuses.
  • NEBS, CSA and CE compliant.
  • Panels mount in 19" or 23" relay racks, or system cabinets.
  • Every panel is put through an intense quality inspection and testing process.

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