Naos Raptor

The Naos Raptor series of power modules are non-isolated, single in-line package (SIP) DC/DC converters that can deliver up to 60A of output current. The modules operate over a wide range of input voltages (4.5-14VDC) and provide a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.59VDC to up to 6.0VDC, which can be programed via an external resistor.

Naos Raptor


  • Tunable Loop to optimize dynamic output voltage response.
  • Very high efficiency and enhanced thermal performance.
  • Cost-efficient, open-frame design.
  • Programmable output voltage.
  • Remote on/off control.
  • Output overcurrent protection.
  • Overtemperature protection.


  • Intermediate bus architecture.
  • Distributed power architectures.
  • Data and enterprise networks.
  • Broad range of board mounted power applications.
power modulesinput rangevoutioutefficiencyCheck Inventorypower module wizard
NQR002 3.0 - 14.0V0.60 - 5.5V2A93%Check stock Use the Tool
NSR003 4.5 - 14.0V0.59 - 6.0V3A97%Check stock Use the Tool
NSR006 4.5 - 14.0V0.59 - 6.0V6A97%Check stock Use the Tool
NQR010 4.5 - 14.0V0.59 - 6.0V10A97%Check stock Use the Tool
NSR020 4.5 - 13.8V0.59 - 6.0V20A97%Check stock Use the Tool
NSR040 5.0 - 13.8V0.60 - 5.0V40A92%Check stock Use the Tool
5.0 - 13.8V0.60 - 5.0V60A95%Check stock Use the Tool

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