Hornet Voltage Regulators

The Hornet family of non-isolated, board-mounted switching voltage regulators are easy-to-use, fully integrated power modules. With highly accurate output voltage setting, high efficiency, exceptional power density, an extended temperature range for extreme environments, and proven high reliability, Hornet switching voltage regulators are well suited for industrial applications.

The Hornet family includes step-down/buck regulators that deliver 11 to 108W maximum power and step-up/boost regulators that deliver 65W maximum power.

Hornet Voltage Regulators


  • Suitable for extreme environments (-40C to 105C extended temperature range, operating shock per Mil Std. 810F to ±40G, and operating vibration per Mil Std. 810F for selected SMT parts).
  • High reliability (qualified with 1000h high temperature operating bias, 1000h 85RH/85C temperature humidity bias, 700-cycle -40 to 125C thermal cycling testing.).
  • Suitable for conformal coating with dip or vapor deposition. Conformal coating can provide the protection to meet Salt Fog
  • Test per IEC 60068-2-52 (Severity 3) and Mixed Gas Flow Test per Telcordia GR-3108 Outdoor Levels.
  • Outstanding transient response for powering demanding loads.
  • High efficiency (up to 97%).
  • Easy-to-use, complete modules enabled fast design cycle and rapid time to market.


  • Automation equipment, factories and manufacturing.
  • Water treatment facilities.
  • Energy exploration and refineries.
  • Building and process controls systems and automation equipment.
  • Control cabinets and rooms.
  • Conveying equipment.
  • Vending machines.
  • Material handling and packaging equipment.
  • Chemical processing plants.
  • HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) equipment.
  • Machinery and irrigation technology.
  • Test and measurement.
modelinput range v output range v temp range mil std fmax power w max current up to a footprint mm efficiency up to Check Inventory
Step-Down SMT
IND016 12V±20%0.6-5.5-40 - 105C / 40G16.5312.2x12.294%Check stock
IND033 12V±20%0.6-5.5-40 - 105C / 40G33612.2x12.294%Check stock
IND066 12V±20%0.6-5.5-40 - 105C / 40G661212.2x12.295%Check stock
IND072 12V±20%0.6-3.3-40 - 105C / 40G72.62012.2x12.294%Check stock
IND080 12V±20%0.6-2.0-40 - 105C / 40G804013.5x3392%Check stock
IND027W 12V±20%3.0-8.0-40 - 105C / 40G27311.4x20.396%Check stock
IND045W 12V±20%3.0-8.0-40 - 105C / 40G45511.4x20.394%Check stock
IND108W 12V±20%3.0-8.0-40 - 105C / 40G1081213.5x3395%Check stock
IND027XW 24V±20%3.0-18.0-40 - 105C / 40G27311.4x20.396%Check stock
IND045XW 24V±20%3.0-18.0-40 - 105C / 40G45511.4x20.396%Check stock
IND108XW 24V±20%3.0-18.0-40 - 105C / 40G1081213.5x3397%Check stock
Step-Down, Through-Hole
IND011SIP 12V±15%0.6-5.5-40 - 85C11108.1x10.493%Check stock
IND060SIP 12V±15%0.6-5.5-40 - 85C6028.4x10.495%Check stock
Boost/Step-Up SMT
IND065BHV 12V±20%32-54-40 - 85C652.0311.4x27.994.5%Check stock
IND065BLV 12V±20%16-34-40 - 85C654.0611.4x27.994%Check stock

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