DLynx II

The advanced digital DLynx IITM family of non-isolated DC/DC board-mounted power modules, brings an expanded set of industry-standard PMBus commands and increased performance and power handling ranges to the digital point-of-load (PoL) world. With highly accurate digital telemetry, space-saving digital Tunable Loop technology, and exceptional current density, the DLynx II family gives board designers the tools to quickly take advantage of the latest high performance, high current digital power converters.

DLynx II


  • Convenient and powerful digital communication with PMBus.
  • Digital Tunable Loop saves board space.
  • Cost-efficient, open-frame design.
  • Programmable output voltage for reduced BOM cost.
  • System compatible operation with fixed switching frequency.
  • Works in challenging environments with wide operating temperatures: -40C to 85C.
  • Total Efficiency architecture for simple integration.
  • Superior thermal performance for long term reliability.
  • EZ-SEQUENCE for operation control.
  • On-board remote on/off for additional control and convenience.
  • System protection with output overtemperature protection.
  • Controlled monotonic start-up and shutdown.  


  • Distributed power architectures.
  • Data and enterprise networks.
  • Telecommunications equipment.
  • Broad range of embedded applications.
  • Industrial, process and test equipment.
  • MCU, FPGA, ASIC, or SoC (System-On-Chip) powered applications.
  • LANs/WANs.
  • Workstations, servers and storage.
power modulescommunicationsinput rangevoutioutpeak efficiency
FKX003 -4.5 - 14.4V0.6 - 5.5V3A93.5%
PJT004 PMBus4.5 - 14.4V0.51 - 5.5V4A97.5%
FKX006 -4.5 - 14.4V0.6 - 5.5V6A93.5%
PJT007 PMBus4.5 - 14.4V0.51 - 5.5V7A97.5%
PKX007 -4.5 - 14.4V0.6 - 5.5V7A97.5%
PJT014 PMBus4.5 - 14.4V0.51 - 5.5V14A97%
PKX014 -4.5 - 14.4V0.6 - 5.5V14A97%
PJT020 PMBus4.5 - 14.4V0.51 - 3.63V20A97%
PKX020 -4.5 - 14.4V0.6 - 3.63V20A97%
UJT035 PMBus4.5 - 14.4V0.51 - 3.63V35A97.25%
UJT060 PMBus7.5 - 14.4V0.5 - 2.0V60A93%
DJT090 PMBus7.0 - 14.4V0.5 - 2.0V90A95%

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