Low-Power Barracuda

The Low-Power Barracuda family offers isolated DC/DC converters that are cost-competitive and have a high level of efficiency. The modules deliver up to 120W at a precisely regulated output voltage over a wide-range input voltage from 36-75Vin. These products are used to power communication equipment, distributed power, intermediate bus architectures, the latest integrated circuits, and microprocessors.

Low-Power Barracuda


  • Positive remote on/off logic.
  • Constant switching frequency (300kHz).
  • High efficiency: 92% at 5.0V full load.
  • Basic insulation approved.
  • Output overcurrent protection.
  • Delivers up to 25A output current.
  • Output overvoltage protection.
  • Overtemperature protection.


  • Distributed power architectures.
  • Wireless networks.
  • Access and optical network equipment.
  • Microprocessor powered applications.
  • Enterprise networks.
  • Latest generation IC's (DSP, FPGA, ASIC).
power modulesinput rangevoutioutefficiency
SSTW001A3B 48V (36V-75V)12V1.3A88%
SSTW003A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V3A87%
SSTW005A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V5A88%
KSTW002A5B 48V (36V-75V)12V2.5A90%
KSTW006A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V6A90%
KSTW010A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V10A90%
KSTW004A2B 48V (36V-75V)12V4.2A90%
KSTW010A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V10A91%
KSTW015A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V15A91%
KNW013A0A 48V (36V-75V)3.3V-5.0V13A-20A90%
KNW020A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V-5.0V13A-20A90%
ESTW004A2C 48V (36V-75V)15V4.2A90%
ESTW010A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V10A91%
ESTW015A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V15A91%
ESTW006A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V6A91%
ESTW015A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V15A91%
ESTW025A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V25A92%
ESTW010A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V10A92.5%
ESTW020A0S6R0 48V (36V-75V)6V20A92.5%
ESTW024A0A 48V (36V-75V)5V24A91.5%
ESTW036A0F 48V (36V-75V)3.3V36A91.5%
KBVW006A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V6A91%
QSTS015A0S10R0 48V (45V-65V)10V15A92.5%

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