High-Power Barracuda

The High-Power Barracuda family offers digital control and full-regulation in a DOSA-compliant footprint. The PMBus-equipped DC/DC bus converters are designed to support 9.6 to 12VDC intermediate bus applications where multiple low voltages are subsequently generated using point-of-load (POL) converters. The converters also can be used in other applications requiring a tightly regulated output voltage. Analog versions are also available.

High-Power Barracuda


  • Delivers up to 94A DC output current.
  • Remote sense and output voltage trim.
  • DOSA-standard footprints.
  • Digital interface with PMBus.
  • Positive remote on/off logic.
  • Output overcurrent/overvoltage protection.
  • Overtemperature protection.
  • Wide operating temperature range (-40C to 85C).


  • Intermediate bus architectures.
  • ATCA applications.
  • Servers and storage.
  • Distributed power architectures.
  • Networking equipment.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Fan assemblies requiring tightly regulated output voltages.
power modulesinput rangevoutioutefficiencyCheck Inventory
EBDW020A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V20A95%Check stock
EBDW025A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V25A95%Check stock
QBDW025A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V25A96%Check stock
QBDW033A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V33A--Check stock
QSDW035A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V35A96%Check stock
QSDW042A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V42A95%Check stock
QSDW050A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V50A96%Check stock
QBDE055A0B 48V (40V-60V)12V55A96%Check stock
QBDE067A0B 48V (40V-60V)12V67A96%Check stock
QBDE084A0 48V (40V-60V)12V84A97%Check stock
EBVW017A0S14R0 48V (36V-75V)14V17A95%Check stock
EBVW012A7B 48V (36V-75V)12V12.7A95%Check stock
EBVW020A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V20A95%Check stock
EBVW025A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V25A95%Check stock
QBVW025A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V25A96%Check stock
QBVW033A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V33A96%Check stock
QSVW035A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V35A96%Check stock
QSVW042A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V42A95%Check stock
QSVW050A0B 48V (36V-75V)12V50A96%Check stock
QBVE067A0B 48V (40V-60V)12V67A96%Check stock
QBVS044A4S10R8 54V (51V-55V)10.8V44.4A97%
QBVS050A0B 54V (52V-60V)12V50A97%Check stock
QBVE094A0S10R7 50/54V (45-56V)10.7V94A97%Check stock
QBVE060A0S10R4 48V (45V-56V)10.4V60A96%Check stock
QBVE078A0S10R4 48V (45V-56V)10.4V78A97%
EBVE025A0S9R6 42/50V (38V-55V)9.6V25A96%
EBVE031A0S9R6 42/50V (38V-55V)9.6V31A96%
QBVK031A3S9R6 42/50V (38V-55V)9.6V31A96%
QBVK037A5S9R6 42/50V (38V-55V)9.6V37.5A96%
QBVS046A9S9R6 50/54V (45V-55V)9.6V46.9A96%

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