Filter Modules

The Filter Module Series offers ratings of 5A, 7A, 10A, 12A and 20A and reduce the conducted common-mode and differential-mode noise on input or output lines of high-frequency switching power supplies. They provide high insertion loss throughout the frequency range regulated by the FCC and CISPR for conducted emissions.

Filter Modules


  • Optimized for high-frequency DC/DC modules.
  • Available in 5A, 7A, 10A, 12A and 20A.
  • Exceptional thermal performance.
  • Designed to meet class B CISPR limits.


  • Enterprise equipment.
  • Intermediate bus voltage application.
  • Wireless equipment.
  • Access and optical network equipment.
  • Distributed power architectures.
power modulesvin vout rangeioutcm insertion lossdm insertion loss
FLT007A0Z 0V-75V7A50dB50dB
FLT012A0Z 0V-75V12A45dB55dB
FLTR75V05Z 0V-75V5A28dB25dB
FLTR100V20Z 0V-75V20A32dB36dB
FLTR100V10Z 0V-75V10A36dB44dB

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