ABB Power Conversion Products


Our products and services can be found across the power spectrum, with the quality and reliability our customers have come to expect from us.

DC Power Solutions

ABB Power Conversion DC Power Systems

DC Power Systems

Reliable DC power systems meet the high requirements of data center power architecture and telecom systems as well as small/medium applications.

ABB Power Conversion accessories


We offer a variety of accessories for our DC power solutions.

ABB Power Conversion Battery Distribution Fuse Bays

Battery Distribution Fuse Bays (BDFBs)

BDFBs provide digital meter interface, large power distribution from battery plant to load equipment and no spacing restrictions.

ABB Power Conversion controllers


Our controllers use advanced monitoring and control functionality for multiple applications and communication protocols to meet customers’ remote control and monitoring needs.

ABB Power Conversion inverter systems

Inverter Systems

Redundant and expandable inverter systems with modular designs and compact depths that allows for lower initial deployment costs and a broad range of placement options.

Front-End Power

ABB Power Conversion AC/DC rectifiers

AC/DC Rectifiers

AC/DC rectifiers deliver reliable, efficient power with flexible cooling options and a wide variety of form factors for applications ranging from medical to telecom to industrial.

ABB POwer Conversion DC/DC converters

DC/DC Converters

DC/DC converters offer an ultra-wide input voltage range in isolated, non-isolated, regulated and non-regulated products that meet the demands of medical, military, telecom and other industrial applications.

Board-Mounted Power

ABB Power Conversion isolated, regulated board-mounted power

Isolated, Regulated Board-Mounted Power

Isolated, regulated board-mounted power products featuring wide voltage and temperature ranges for a wide range of applications.

ABB Power Conversion isolated, non-regulated, board-mounted power

Isolated, Non-Regulated Board-Mounted Power

Our isolated, non-regulated board-mount power products offer a wide voltage and temperature range for power systems architecture.

ABB Power Conversion non-isolated, board-mounted power.

Non-Isolated Board-Mounted Power

We offer an ultra-wide input voltage range of non-isolated, regulated and non-regulated board-mount power modules that meet the demands of medical, military, telecom and other industrial applications.


ABB Power Conversion legacy board-mounted and front-end power

All Previous Generation Products

Many of our previous generation products are still in use today. Our customer service and technical support teams are available to assist you with any questions you may have.