ABB Power Conversion quality and compliance


ABB has a duty to ensure that the materials we use do not contribute to environmental degradation or lead to conflict and exploitation in the countries that produce them.
To maintain high social, environmental and human rights standards, this duty is set out in our Policy on Health, Safety, Environment, Security and Sustainability as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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We are committed to providing products and services that are safe for their intended purposes and to protect users against reasonably foreseeable misuses. To ensure product and service safety, the following initiatives are employed:

  • Compliance to applicable legal and regulatory requirements associated with
  • products and services;
  • Adherence to adopted safety design standards;
  • Safety considered early in the design and throughout the useful life of all
  • products and services;
  • Perform technical safety reviews of products, service literature, and labeling;
  • Foster employee awareness and support of the customer safety policy;

If you have a question about safety certificates, please complete this form and submit it so that a member of our team can respond to your inquiry.